Take a look at this video from one of our mentors from afar, Eric Cressey, who is in our opinion one of the best Strength & Conditioning coaches in the world; particularly re his work with elite college and professional baseball players.
I’m sharing this video because Eric talks about the lifecycle and seasonality of specific and non-specific baseball training. Actualize does not conduct specific baseball training like throwing regimens, hitting, field work, etc. However, we will use many strength & conditioning methodologies that have direct correlation to baseball.
This shared, many of you are doing your own specific baseball training with coaches, parents, camps, etc. It’s important you think of how this training integrates with your non-specific training at Actualize…IN RELATION to your entire year’s lifecycle and the seasonality that makes up that lifecycle.
More is not always betters, sometimes less is more…and depending on your goals and where you’re at in your year’s lifecycle, sometimes more is better and less in less. No one athlete is the same, so beginning to think like this will not only help individualize your process, but it will aid in reducing the likelihood of injury and has the ability to positively affect gains and performance.
Coach Blaine
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