Coach Emily Marshlain’s mission is to bridge the gap between what is and what is meant to be. She is passionate about the restorative work that takes place in actualizing purpose and potential in all areas of life, but especially related to health and fitness. She describes, “I am driven by passion and love for those desiring newness, life and healing. I am a vessel through which transformative work takes place, and I have always been especially focused on how this happens through relationship and connectedness.”

In 2010, Emily graduated with her B.A. in Psychology from a small school in Redding, CA, and in 2013, obtained her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. During those years, Emily’s work included mental health therapy and rehabilitation services with children, teenagers and their families. Most recently, Emily has expanded her work to include physical activity and fitness in mental health.

In her elementary and middle school years, Emily was a dancer and young gymnast who dreamed of competing at higher levels. However, in 6th grade she injured her foot, which did not heal until her early years in college. Emily continued to express her love for dance on a local dance team and was captain of dance team her junior and senior years of high school.

Emily describes her testimony as a young athlete, professional and developing fitness enthusiast:

“As a young, injured dancer and gymnast I was often discouraged because I felt like my opportunity for actualizing my purpose and potential was gone before I had the chance to see it through. I sat in many physical therapist appointments begging my PT to ‘tape it well’ so I could get through days at the studio. I gave up my dreams of dancing and got away from fitness all together. I focused my drive on two other loves of my life, music and psychology.

After finishing my B.A. in Psychology, I began exercising again. I found myself fascinated with the psychology of fitness and the ways in which our mental and emotional health plays an enormously important role in our physical health and fitness. In 2012, I moved back to Wenatchee. After finishing my M.A. in psychology, I began intertwining physical fitness into therapy sessions as a tool to transform and actualize potential and healing.

In early 2015, I began training with Coach Blaine and found myself even more passionate about the heart of fitness: the drive, rigor, pursuit of excellence, holistic approach and the personal development through sometimes painful and uncomfortable action and process. I am stronger physically and emotionally than I’ve ever been and have learned to listen to my body, mind and heart. I have learned to embrace the process and the journey while also focusing on the goal for which I am pushing onward toward.

My desire for my clients is to see them empowered to actualize their own purposes and potential in a way that grows passion, drive and hunger for what they have been created to do. I could not be more excited to continue planting roots in Wenatchee and grow my vocation as a personal trainer and coach!”

Emily enjoys spending time with her family, especially her young nieces and nephews. She enjoys many recreational adventures including hiking, biking, swimming and strength & conditioning training. Emily dreams of competing in Spartan races and lifting competitions.