With the new year just beginning, you are likely reassessing your 2018 goals while also setting new objectives for 2019. Here are a few quick tips for setting goals and building the habits necessary to make this year your fittest and healthiest yet!

  • Don’t consider your goals as resolutions, but instead as habit-based changes in lifestyle that are sustainable for the long term:Roughly 92% of people don’t follow through with the resolutions they set. This is due in large part to making an isolated choice that isn’t part of a larger context and focusing on fixing negatives rather than building on strengths1. By creating short, medium and long-term SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-specific) we are able to better determine what success looks like relative to our fitness and health goals, while sticking to a concrete plan.
  • Have a plan for healthy eating and exercising on the roadTraveling is an inevitable part of many of our jobs and vacationing does not have to turn into gluttony. By hitting the grocery store to prepare as many meals as possible or scoping out the nutritional information at restaurants in advance, you potentially save yourself from consuming hundreds of excess daily calories. Researching local gyms, hiking trails, and other recreational activities is another means to maintain physical fitness on the road as well. Click here to utilize the Actualize Restaurant Cheatsheet.
  • Write down your goals and share them with others:Sharing your goals with others makes you more likely to accomplish your objectives because it adds an additional layer of accountability. Don’t go in it alone… have a buddy!Having an accountability buddy to help with accountability and encouragement is one of the most beneficial support systems towards achieving success. This could include having a workout partner or challenging a friend or coach to see who can earn more MEPS (Myzone Efforts Points) in a month, burn the highest calories, attend the most boot camps, or any number of other tangible measures of success.

All of the tips provided can be applied to your personal and professional goals in order to enjoy success. At the end of the day, it all comes down to setting practical goals that are not only quantifiable, but also achieved with the help of others through the execution of a detail-oriented plan.

Schedule a Success Session with your Actualize coach to actualize your purposes and potential in health, fitness and life in 2019!


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