Athletes & Parents,

The start of the Actualize Sports Summer Training Quarter (June 5th) is almost here!

Our schedule and training groups are already filling up fast with athletes who are passionate about actualizing their purposes and potential in the areas of:
* Performance enhancement, strength & conditioning
* Speed, agility, reaction & quickness
* Reduced likelihood of injury
* Athlete-specific nutrition
* Mental achievement
* And much more!
If you are interested in learning more or participating in this 3-month training phase, please email ([email protected]) or call (509-888-3469) ASAP with following
* Name:
* Age:
* Primary sport(s):
* All available training days & times:
* Traditionally, our athletes train 2 or 3 days per week for 1-1.5hr. These sessions include: 1) Dynamic warm-up 2) Quick activational SARQ (speed, agility, reaction & quickness) work 3) Performance enhancement, strength & conditioning. Do you desire 2 or 3 days per week? Are you open to both based on availability?
* During the summer, we are offering the ability to add 2 additional SARQ & Conditioning sessions at local fields for an additional charge. There is only so much we can cover in our traditional training sessions mentioned above. For those athletes who desire to take their training, performance and conditioning to the next level, these 1-1.5hr SARQ & Conditioning sessions will offer holistic and intensive training in the following areas: 1) Linear speed dynamics 2) Lateral agility, reaction & quickness 3) Absorption, deceleration & plyometrics 4) Energy system conditioning and much more! The result of combining our conventional training with these 2 additional SARQ & Conditioning sessions will be like participating in an elite D-1 Collegiate Strength & Conditioning program. Are you interested in the additional 2 sessions of SARQ & Conditioning training?
Once we receive your email or call with this information, we will respond promptly with availability and options. In the meantime, click below to learn more about Actualize Sports
* Actualize Sports Featured Athletes:
Thank you for the opportunity to encourage you!
Warm regards,
The Actualize Sports Team
Actualize Your Purpose & Potential
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