I can’t underscore the importance of In-Season Training. Where Off-Season Training prepares for the athletic season, the purpose of In-Season Training is to maintain the gains actualized in strength, performance, functionality and body composition during the Off-Season at least, and improve these things at best–while reducing the likelihood of injury. The problem is many athletes and teams don’t emphasize the importance of In-Season training, and as a result:

  • As the rigors of the season take their toll, not only are strength, performance, functionality and body composition diminished, but the likelihood of injury increases
  • Whereas the athlete came into the season ideally in the best shape of their life, they are a shadow of their former self when the post-season hits, when they should be clicking on all cylinders to put their self and team in the best position to succeed
  • When the season is over—when Off-Season training begins—because the athlete has taken steps backward in strength, performance, functionality and body composition, they now have to invest considerable time getting back to where they were. But if the athlete participates in In-Season training, they will pick up where they left off and the results of their Off-Season training will be significantly higher.

What does an ideal In-Season training program look like? The quick answer is that in addition to the sport-specific training and conditioning done at practices and competitions, two resistance training days per week can very effectively maintain at worst and improve at best.

Although, depending on the sport and the practice/competition schedule, finding time to conduct these two resistance training sessions can be difficult with academics, athletics, social and home life all begging for time. Some coaches make time for In-Season training, while others do not. Even in the cases of coaches that do make time for resistance training during the season, often times the choice of training programing is not optimal to maintain strength, performance, functionality and body composition.

Actualize Sports offers multiple training environments for in-season and off-season athletes. Click here to learn more!

For In-Season high school athletes who have schedules that do not allow for training with our coaches, we  are happy to offer the Actualize Sports Basic Membership. For $59 per month, athletes have unlimited access to the facility Monday-Friday from 5:30am-7:00pm. The athlete is provided In-Season training programming at no additional fee. We highly suggest teaming up with other teammates for relational accountability and encouragement. The Actualize staff is always on hand to answers questions, spot (if able) and encourage.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

It’s an  honor and privilege to play a role in helping youth competitive athletes, teams and coaches actualize their purposes and potential in athletics and life!

Blaine Davidson – Owner & Performance Enhancement Coach

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