Take advantage of everything Actualize Fitness has to offer with our 30-Day Trial Membership… and transform your body, fitness, health and life!

What’s included?

  • Client Introduction to Actualize Fitness Meeting. Learn about who we are, what we do different than conventional gyms and training centers, membership options, and everything you need to know to actualize your purposes and potential!
  • Trial Nutrition Package:
    • Monthly 1-on-1 Success Sessions with Your Assigned Actualize Coach. Your coach will assess your fitness, health, nutrition and goals and develop and plan with you that equips, encourages and holds you accountable each step of your journey.
    • Weekly Virtual Check-In. Use the weekly Actualize check-in tool to track progress of your body composition, nutrition plan and several other factors that aim to optimizing your success.
    • Actualize Nutrition Program, Steps to Success & Principles. No fad diets here, only time-tested steps and principles that empower a lifestyle approach to eating healthy and achieving your purposes and potential.
  • Unlimited Group Training:
    • Foundation: 1-day pre-requisite for new Actualize Fitness members to learn how to self-assess and correct movement pattern efficiency, body awareness, technique and much more.
    • SPB Transformation: 60-minute group classes that transform strength, performance & body composition with functional resistance training.
    • Metabolic: 30-minute group classes that increase fitness, workload capacity and transforms body composition through a combination of functional bodyweight movements and holistic energy system work.
  • Weekly Inbody270 Body Composition Analysis. Knowing your body’s weight is not enough. If you’re losing weight but also losing muscle, that’s not good. If you’re adding muscle but also fat, and your goal is to lose fat, that’s not ideal either. Know what’s actually going on so that you can work with your assigned Actualize Coach on implementing the training and nutrition strategy that’s optimal for your goals!
  • Access to Actualize University, an online resource with helpful tools and
    resources to help you actualize more of your purpose and potential in fitness, health, nutrition and life.
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support!
  • And much more!
How much is the 30-Day Trial?

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  • Price: $149
Join the Actualize Fitness 30-Day Trial and transform your health, fitness, nutrition and life!

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