Valued Actualize Member,
Are you desiring to dial in your nutrition with an individualized plan to increase your health and energy, and make quantifiable progress toward your body composition goals, purposes and potential?
Enter the NEW Weekly Virtual Check-In tool from Actualize!
This new product is being offered to new Actualize clients when they upgrade to our Actualize Fitness Elite Membership for $199/month. But for our valued clients like you, you are being grandfathered in at no additional charge at your current membership rate if you want to participate.
From your very own Weekly Virtual Check-In tool URL you can:
  • Set physical and mental goals
  • Track body composition progress
  • Learn to implement your individualized nutrition plan using either your hand or caloric intake and macronutrient ratios
  • Journal daily adherence to your nutrition plan
  • And much more!
Getting started is simple:
1. Watch the Virtual Check-In tutorial:
2. Select your goal (click into the links below to see an example)
      A. Cut:
     B. Lean Bulk:
     C. Maintenance: 
3. Take a Inbody body composition test to get a new baseline.
4. Email Coach Jenny at [email protected] to say you would like to participate and confirm you have taken a new Inbody body composition test, and share your goal (1. Cut 2. Lean Bulk 3. Maintenance).
5. Shortly after Coach Jenny receives your email you will receive an email response with your individualized Weekly Virtual Check-In URL. On the Week 1 tab, fill in your body composition metrics and your nutrition plan will automatically populate.
6. You’re all set! The tutorial above and the Resources page on your URL will share all the information needed to get started. Should you have any questions, pull a coach aside or email Coach Jenny at [email protected] to schedule a time to talk with somebody.
Let us know if you’d like to be grandfathered into this new product!
The Actualize Team